Behind The Scenes

Office Life

Hey everyone! We are going to be changing things up a little bit here on the iBelieveBible blog - and working to diversify things a little bit.

Using our social media, we have done a fair bit of showing you who we we are, and we want to start doing a bit more of that - giving more of a human face to this platform.

You can expect to see more behind the scenes content starting to come out of our studio starting now and increasing over time. We are excited to start providing a more diverse array of content.

One big new addition to our studio has been Advent Next, a new Podcast series hosted by Kendra Arsenault. Our own blog Admin - Max - has been serving as a guest co-host on some of the episodes, which we will link for you here.

Below are some samplings of  "behind the scenes" content that has come before. Look forward to seeing more personal, "office-life" content coming in the future! We want to get to know you and to give you the chance to get to know us.


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